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IMVU.com proves fiscal stability while creating a gold standard with virtual worlds

It is 9:34am and there all well over 72,000 IMVU members online right now. If you are not familiar with this entertainment site, you should take a look. Driven by 40 million registered members and IMVU’s strong studio environment, I am impressed with the high end graphic quality of 3D virtual world environment. Since I am an animator, I could tell the company developed a true creative synergy.

I recently met Lee Clancy, VP of Product Mgt. and General Manager of Direct Revenue during the Engage Expo 2009. In our introduction, we talked about the relationship between developers, animators, and members. He showed examples on how this social network has carefully worked through its platform with care and thoughtfulness. Acting much like a virtual publisher, the company has a nimble and open operation.

Stardoll and Elle Magazine takes Big Brand (DKNY) into Virtual World space

I commented on the value the company might make for brand introductions. Whether it would be a GAP brand channel or inspiring fashion designer could launch their own line of clothing. It is my view that this opportunity could hold water. The real estate and brand catalog could produce a spontaneous conversation for product launches and brand loyalty. For example, Elle Magazine just announced their brand extension plans for their publication. On October 9, 2009, the magazine is partnering with StarDoll to launch their virtual world experience with 9-17 year old girls. This highly sought out market for big brand might bring life to the publication business and retail industry.

My research found that IMVU.com expanding its big picture view of virtual world engagement of branded entertainment. The company plans to bring high-quality brands into IMVU Credits. As the CEO explained in the recent announcement of partnering with Alloy Marketing and hiring Danny Wright are important elements of augmenting our core business model.

Several days later, Ice-T announced his new venture with IMVU Credits. The couple launched the Ice-T and Coco virtual channel. Targeting 18 year old adults, this is a brand extension that wraps around celebrity.

“We love Ice-T and Coco because they are fun and fearless entertainers. Their branded merchandise will be a great addition for IMVU Credits members,” said Jeff Titterton, vice president of Marketing and Sales at IMVU. “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to working with Ice-T and Coco to add more items to the store each month.”

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